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Swiss pine chippings, hand crafted, 250 g
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Chippings in various sizes to sprinkle with swiss pine oil or just for decoration
Swiss pine chippings, hand crafted, 250 g
Scent of the swiss pine
The swiss pine has a natural, soothing scent - a wonder of the nature for sustainable products:
  • for a deep and healthy sleep;
  • for a calming effect on body and mind;
  • for freed airways;
  • for a pleasant living environment;
  • with natural, bacteriostatic effect;
  • with natural, biocidal effect against moths etc.
«Queen of the Alps»

The swiss pine, also called stone pine or arve, is a pine species whose natural habitat is the European Central Alps. In Germany, their occurrence is limited to the Bavarian and Berchtesgaden Alps. The swiss pine grows from an altitude of about 1300 meters and can be found up to the natural tree line of over 2500 meters altitude. It is native to us since the last ice age and can be over 1000 years old. In the Alps there are scattered stone pines, which are over 1200 years old.

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articles made of swiss pine
The wood of the swiss pine, also called "Queen of the alps", is known for its natural and soothing fragrance - a natural wonder for sustainable products!
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