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Staub cocottes
Staub Cocottes (fire-proof casseroles) have a very good stewing effect, preserve the flavor of the ingredients and, thanks to their robust, easy-care material, have excellent properties for use in the home and gastronomy.
Staub braiser
The Staub roasters made of enamelled cast iron with a matt black enamel inner coating and a special inner structure are versatile, compact and ensure excellent results on all types of stoves.
Staub grill and frying pans
With the cast iron pans, the heat is quickly distributed over the entire surface up to the edge, so that the food is cooked evenly. The good roasting and stewing effect is made even better by the enamelling on the inside.
Staub minis for the table
With the cast-iron mini sauce bowls (casseroles), pans, casserole dishes or the mini fondue pot, dishes can be served in an appealing and sophisticated way directly from the stove or oven and stay warm for a long time.
Staub ceramic
Staub's ceramic products are individually manufactured using traditional methods. In the manufacturing process, every piece is checked to guarantee compliance with strict quality standards.
Staub special products
The special cast iron articles include woks, fondues, casserole dishes, serving dishes, terrines, baking molds and teapots. What they all have in common is their high utility value and long-lasting quality, which are the focus of dust.
Staub accessoires
Matching additions to the dust products such as silicone handles, coasters, glass lids, knobs for lids, fondue accessories or stands for lids, plus wooden spoons and spatulas.
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