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The characteristic feature of these Japanese knife series is their extraordinary sharpness. The excellent symbiosis of quality, design and grip comfort makes it so special.
Kramer by Zwilling®
For more than 20 years, Bob Kramer has been passionately dedicated to refining the art of blade forging. This experience is the basis of a collection of masterful knives: KRAMER by ZWILLING.
Zwilling Tanrei
Knife with an ultra-hard yet flexible blade made from 101 layers of premium steel with an FC 63 core. Master-cut Honbazuke trigger with continuous damask pattern. Fine micarta handle.
Zwilling Twin 1731
Harmony of material and function: Classic and familiar but at the same time innovative and uncompromising in its function. The handle material is ziricote wood, the wedge-shaped blade was made out from exklusive high-performance steel Cronidur 30.
Zwilling All * Star
The ice-hardened FRIODUR blades of the All * Star knives were forged in Solingen from stainless steel from the twin special melt and, together with the ergonomic knife handle, guarantee comfortable, fatigue-free work.
Zwilling ***** Five Star
A mixture of the finest steel with the optimal ratio of chrome and carbon guarantee the best properties of the ***** Five Star knives. They are forged using the SIGMAFORCE® technique and hardened with FRIODUR®.
Zwilling Pro Wood
Pro Wood is a special version of the Premium Pro series: Knives forged from one piece with a high-quality holm oak handle. It gives the three-rivet handle a natural and elegant look.
Zwilling Pro
With Zwilling Pro knives you get the perfect symbiosis of technology, optics and precision: Handle in 3-rivet design, seamless transition from bolster to handle, special stainless steel, FRIODUR® Blade, ice-hardened
Zwilling Professional "S"
Professional chefs worldwide trust the quality of the Professional "S" knife series: Handle in 3-rivet design, seamless transition with hand protection, special stainless steel, FRIODUR® Blade, ice-hardened
Zwilling Pure
The superior performance. The knives in the Zwilling Pure series focus on clear, elementary design - light and elegant in shape and material: special stainless steel, curved hand protection, maximum cutting performance thanks to V-Edge.
Zwilling ****®Four Star
Security in a tried and tested design. With the seamless all-plastic handle, Zwilling set new standards for high-quality knives: seamless transition from bolster to handle, special stainless steel, FRIODUR® Blade, ice-hardened
Zwilling Gourmet
When it comes to kitchen knives, it's not just about the blade, just as important are a sturdy, easy-to-grip handle, robustness and, of course, an attractive appearance. The ZWILLING gourmet knives meet these requirements.
Zwilling Twin Pollux
Zwilling Twin Pollux knives are the right equipment for demanding beginners. Good shape and sharp cut: modern 3-rivet design, comfortable grip, special stainless steel, FRIODUR® Blade, ice-hardened
Zwilling Twin Chef
A price-conscious classic - the Twin Chef knives are an excellent choice for price-conscious cooks: reliable cut and safe to handle, classic 3-rivet design, special stainless steel, FRIODUR® Blade, ice-hardened
Zwilling Life
Kochen soll Spaß machen und leicht von der Hand gehen. Dafür braucht es ein hochwertiges Messer mit angenehmem Gewicht und hoher Schneidkraft. Die Messer der Zwilling Life Serie bieten eine gute Balance für perfektes, leichtes Schneiden.
Zwilling Now S
The perfectly balanced ZWILLING NOW S knives are fitted with ice-hardened FRIODUR blades in a harmonious tone-on-tone design. Available with red, blue, green, gray or black plastic handle.
Zwilling Knife blocks
High-quality processed knife blocks made of beech or bamboo, equipped with knives of the various Zwilling series
Zwilling Steak knives, household knives, cheese knives
These small, practical helpers by Zwilling are an integral part of every kitchen. Steak knives, Vegetable knives, peelers and others make those small tasks in the kitchen ever so easy.
Zwilling knife sharpeners
Even the best knife will lose its initial sharpness during the course of time. Using the sharpening devices by Zwilling and the correct technique will even make this task easy.
Zwilling knife accessoires
Zwilling offers a top-quality storage range in different designs and sizes. That way your knives are not only optimally protected but also always handy. Zwilling cutting boards are there to help, assist and fit into each and every kitchen.
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Zwilling® - High quality knives
The forged kitchen knives from the world's leading knife manufacturer Zwilling convince both professional and amateur chefs. Zwilling knives are the perfect symbiosis of innovative technology, traditional optics and absolute precision.
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