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Spring Culinox
Copper has always been the finest material used for cookware. New is its application in the clearly functional design of the Spring Culinox Line, in combination with stainless steel handles.
Spring pot series Cristal
With its fresh and clear shape, Cristal is used in countless kitchens. High-quality 5-layer material, surface highly polished stainless steel 18/0, inside stainless steel 18/10, suitable for all types of stoves including induction.
Spring pot series Brigade Premium
The outstanding properties of the Brigade Premium series are the high-quality, extremely thermally conductive multilayer material and the ergonomically shaped handles. Suitable for all types of stoves including induction.
Spring pot series Finesse
Culinary enjoyment begins on the stove: elegant stainless steel handles and high-quality glass lids, 5-layer multi-layer material. Suitable for all types of stoves, including induction. Pouring rim for precise pouring, heat-insulating handles.
Spring pot series Fusion2+
The 5-layer multi-ply material paired with silicone-coated, heat-insulating handles, glass lids for visual cooking and with the useful spout at the pouring edge makes this series a multitalent in every kitchen.
Spring starter-pot sets
Sets of pots and pans to start with with stainless steel cookware from Spring: Suitable for all types of stoves including induction, 5-layer multi-layer material for excellent heat conduction.
Vulcano, Intensive & Performance pan series
Perfect roasting needs a feeling for great heat and fine adjustment of the temperatures. The Vulcano frying pans are made of thermally conductive multilayer material or aluminum as well as a heat-resistant non-stick coating.
Vulcano Mini Line
Perfect companion for cooking or frying small portions, for example bacon cubes, onions or roasting of pine nuts. Also ideal for fried eggs...
Spring Chalet
The cooking and serving collection CHALET made of fireproof oven ceramics leaves nothing to be desired thanks to SPRING quality from European production. Ideal for preparing and serving of gratins, lasagna, gently cooked or other delicious dishes.
Fusion2+ kitchen tools
The versatile kitchens tools made of robust stainless steel impresses with their elegant design and high functionality. The specially shaped Soft-Touch handle with its excellent haptics ensures comfortable handling.
Spring Grips accessories, tools
Kitchen gloves, pot holders, grip protection and stacking protection made of revolutionary, thermoresistant material, stain-resistant, suitable from -40°C to +250°C.
Cleaners and consumable material
Special cleaners, ideal for all Spring cookware lines and tools, easy and efficient to use, thermal granulate for buffets and lighting gel for burners.
Spring woks
Spring woks combine Asian culinary art with proven Swiss quality: 5-layer material, surface made of highly polished 18/0 stainless steel or the classic made of cast iron, ergonomic handles and a clear design.
Spring raclettes
With the Raclette series from Spring, you can make raclette specialties with fish, meat and even crispy pizza. The grill plates are made of non-stick coated cast aluminum or optionally of granite stone.
Hot Drinks
Whether fire tongs punch or Irish coffee - you will find a suitable set for both in the hot drinks range of Spring. This also includes a stylish stainless steel wine cooler.
Spring fondue
Meat or fish in a hot pot, traditional or modern - with the fondue products from Spring you will find the solution for everything, including the right accessories such as bowls or stainless steel pots.
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